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Vertical Machining Center-SK-850L
In these Universal 5 Axis Machining Centers, the column moves in three directions: rightlef for X Axis, front/rear for Y Axis and up/down for Z Axis...
Vertical Machining Center-SK-850L
ltem Unit SK-850L
Xtravels mm 800
Y travels mm 500
Z travels mm 500
Worktable size mm 1000*500
Max.weight on worktable kg 450
T-slots(No-W"distance) mm 5-18*90
Distance from spindle endto worktable mm 110-610
Distance from spindle centerto
column guide surface
mm 560
Max.Spindle  speed rpm 8000
ATC Auto Tool Magazine
Spindie  tape # BT-40
Tools capacity bit 24
Max. tool Welghl kg 8
Max.tool Length mm 300
Max.tool   Diam mm 75/150
Basic parameters
Soindle  powe kw 7.5/11
X -axis rall specificatior mm/min 24000
Y axis rail specification mm/min 24000
Z axis rall specification mm/min 16000
(X/N/Z)Cutting speed mm/min 1-10000
Axis  motor kw 1.8/1.8/3.0
Water tank capacily L 200
Air consumption kg/cm² 6
Power  requeste kva 15
VDI3441 (JISB6338)
Positioning mm P0.008(±0.003/300)
Repeatability mm Ps0.006(±0.002)
Machine Weigh kg 5500
Diametion(L*W'H) mm 2600*2520*2300