In these Universal 5 Axis Machining Centers, the column moves in three directions: rightlef for X Axis, front/rear for Y Axis and up/down for Z Axis...
Item Unit M420
X-axis mm 1100
Y-axis mm 600
Z-axis mm 550
B rotation range of tilt axis ° +30~-120(Aaxis)
Rotation range of axis C ° 360
B/C axis positioning (VDI3441) " 45(Aaxis)/15
B/C axis repeatability (VDI3441) " 8(Aaxis)/6
Distance from spindle center to column guide surface mm 664
Distance from spindle end to worktable mm 120-670
Worktable area mm Φ420
Reference aperture mm Φ25H7
T-slots width mm 12H7
Maximum machining workpiece volume mm Φ420*(100+R210)L
Max. weight on table (45-90°/horizontal) Kg 150/200
Spindle speed rpm  
Taper of spindle nose   BT40
ATC Auto Tool Magazine
Tool taper   BT40
Magazine type   Mechanical cutter arm type
Tools Capacity Pcs 24T
Maximum tool diameter (no adjacent tool) mm 75/150
Maximum tool length mm 300
Maximum tool weight kg 7
VDI3441 (JISB6338)
Positioning mm P0.01(±0.004/300)
Repeatability mm Ps0.008(±0.003)
Basic parameters
Spindle motor kw 7.5/11
X/Y/Z axis motor kw 4.0/4.0/4.0
B/C axis motor kw 3.0/1.6(A/Caxis)
X/Y/Z axis rapid speed m/min 30/30/30
B/C axis rapid speed rpm 16.7/22.2(A/Caxis)
Feed rate mm/min 1-12000
Controller FANUC 0i-MF
Power requersted KVA 25
Air consumption Kg/cm² 6
Machine weight Kg 8000
Water tank capacity L 300L
Dimension(L/W/h) mm 3100*2280*2800