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Compared to a 3-axis machine, the process of a 5-axis machine offers several benefits, including




Shorter lead times: A 5-axis machine requires less manual repositioning, as it can move the part on its own. It also can move in more efficient ways and find better angles to increase the efficiency of the cutting process. These factors allow you to finish your part in less time.

Greater accuracy: The five axes of movement offer much more precision than a 3-axis process. Any complex or intricate details are faster and more precise, and your finished product is sure to abide by quality and performance specifications.

Shorter cutting tools: With the range of motion in 5-axis machinery, shorter cutters can be used. These reduce vibration that often occurs in deeper cuts in a 3-axis machine. Not only does this deliver a smoother finish on the surface, but it also allows for higher cutting speeds without excessive pressure.

New business opportunities: A 5-axis machine may very well create more opportunities for products and services that you can provide to clients. The versatility of this method can open up new doors for your business.